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Upcoming Events

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We are really excited to be introducing our College at the Can You Dance event in Norwich.

Organised by our Showcase Director, Matt Flint, tickets are avaialable to buy here. We will also be offering a full College scholarship to someone with huge potential from one of these Can You Dance conventions. For more details about the Can You Dance Scholarship, click here

A chance to visit the College, take a look around and pose your questions to current students and staff.

Click here to read more about our open Days.

Date: Friday 6th May

Our chance to select the lucky recipient of our Can You Dance Scholarship from the people invited from the Kent and Norwich Can You Dance Events. 

To audition for this scholarship you must have attended either the Kent or Norwich event and be invited in for the Scholarship auditions. For tickets click here.

We will be continuing in our search to find the very best students for entry in September 2016

To apply click here

Date: 10th May

Booking: Please call 020 8698 8880 for further information

Our 1st year students will be taking their Zumba qualifications, allowing them to qualify as Zumba instructors.

If you are interested in taking this one day course and qualification, please contact nikki@dandbperformingarts.co.uk