What a Show!

We could not be prouder of our Saturday pupils who took part in our D&B Theatre School Variety Show at the Langley Centre for the Performing Arts in October/November.

Rehearsals for the show started in September 2013 when the music and themes for sections began to be selected and appropriate groups were chosen to take part in each section. Then our wonderful choreographers got to work and started to bring the creative team’s visions to life! We are passionate here at D&B about giving an entertaining show and great thought was given to themes and stories and we ended up with diverse sections including Reggae, Toyshop, Celebrity, Musicals, Avenue Q and many others!

Whilst the students were busy learning choreography, lyrics and harmonies, our office team began the huge task of sourcing over 2,000 costumes and accessories! Our musical director was also busy at work creating custom backing tracks and medleys of the material that had been selected specifically for the show.

In June, once the music had been finalised, we selected a team of pupils who visited a local recording facility and laid down the backing vocals over 4 successive Sundays. At this time, our internationally sourced costumes had started their journeys from across the pond on their way to the studios.

From September, we kicked into full gear with rehearsals sprouting up on Sundays and all hands on deck! We held meetings with our technical team who listened to the concept of the show and put together phenomenal lightingdesigns and complicated sound and mic plots. Our stage manager got to work on props and our incredible Barbie car was brought in!

By the time the week of the show came around, everyone was at full pelt! We had a team of 25 chaperones that looked after the children backstage as well as 2 lighting technicians, 2 sound technicians, 1 theatre technician, 1 spotlight operator, 2 microphone operators, 3 backstage managers, 1 stage manager, 2 backstage helpers, 1 musical director, 2 principals, 1 theatre manager and a partridge in a pear tree! We had 4 and a half days of solid technical rehearsals and opened to a wonderful audience on the Friday night.

Whilst all of the show was hugely enjoyable, once the reggae section started the audience were clapping, singing along and really involved in the party! Every single child involved beamed from ear to ear and sang and danced their hearts out! We could not have been prouder of every single performer. Our team, from our backstage helpers, to our technicians could not have done more to make the show a rip-roaring success.

Since the show we have been inundated with praise for the show and the children and we are so pleased that we were able to showcase what we have been working so hard on with all of the children. Then on our next Saturday back we welcomed lots of brand new faces to the school who had been waiting patiently to join after the show and the schoolwas a buzz of excitement, focus and determination.

To order photos of the show please click here and to order a DVD please pop into reception and fill out a form or call for more information.

Our next show is preliminarily booked for June 2016… Let the excitement begin!

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