Students go to watch Hairspray

In their first theatre visit of the academic year, students went along to the Orchard Theatre to watch Annalise Liard-Bailey appearing in Hairspray playing Penny Pingleton. Here is a recap from our head girl, Chloe Hare!

“We went to go and see Annalise as Penny in Hairspray on the 7th September. To say we were all proud is an understatement. From the moment she stepped on the stage she stole the show. I couldn’t stop watching her. The transformation into her character was great, my favourite part was when she comes on for ‘You can’t stop the beat’. She went from the cute, geeky character at the beginning to then strutting through looking absolutely stunning with legs Jo Goodwin would be proud of, just made you realise how amazing she is and how far she has come. It makes me so proud that we went to the same college and it inspires me more and more everyday to work harder to be in that position. It felt very weird not being on the same stage!! She has done everyone proud, an absolute star xxxxx”

Plenty of our staff also went along to see Annalise including principles Donna and Bonnie. We are so proud of Annalise who has been with us for over 15 years! We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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