Young Actors Company

New Venture

In December 2020 D&B held its first ever auditions for the D&B ‘Young Actors Company’. This is a brand new advanced acting course running from January 2021. It will allow our young potentially professional actors the chance to explore both Theatre and TV acting in depth.

D&B are very well connected with the TV and Film industry through its agency. We have always been keen to develop a project designed specifically for the talented young actors that are currently taking classes here.

The Hard Work Begins;

These students will be given the opportunity to star in their own professionally shot TV scene on location. This is where they will learn about the craft of acting on camera. The students will also be able to take part in the production side of TV, learning about how TV and Films are made, and then putting that knowledge to the test when they take charge of operating the camera, the boom mic and more!

With nearly 70 extremely talented actors who auditioned, it was a tough decision for Bonnie, Alex and Leyla to make. They were blown away with the calibre of the students. The 24 chosen students began working this term on the TV part of the course – something which works perfectly over zoom- and D&B will be giving more students the chance to audition again this year!


Everyone’s hard work over the next 2 terms will then culminate towards a “night of drama” performance, where they will perform their live theatre scenes and then grab some popcorn to watch their TV scenes on a cinema standard projector screen, just as if they were at the movies!

This is a chance for our students to show off their talent, especially as we will be having several key “industry” people in our audience on the night, which includes our in-house agency team. We are tremendously excited to see the development of the students on the course and the performance that they create.


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