Diploma and Associate Diploma with the London College of Music in Musical Theatre or Pop Vocals

The Course

For the last 15 years, D&B have been training teachers with the London College of Music syllabus in both Musical Theatre and Pop Vocals. The qualifications are:

  • Diploma of the London College of Music- DipLCM(TD)
  • Associate of the London College of Music- ALCM(TD)

Students are required to have completed Grade 8 in an LCM performance examination before they are able to complete the Diploma and, the must complete the diploma before the Associate.

We train our teachers by providing them with a pupil for the duration of their lessons during which they are observed and given feedback in relation to their teaching styles and ideas. They are able to enter their pupil for their first examination here at D&B as we are a private examination centre.


This course is delivered via private lessons which cost £88.00 per calendar month. It is expected for the candidate to take the exam after 2 or 3 terms.

Teachers that have Qualified at D&B

Renato Paris (ALCMTD, ALCM)

Nikki Gummer (ALCMTD, ALCM)

Lydia Buckley (ALCMTD, ALCM)

Jordan Quinn Hillier (DipLCM)

Niall Fogarty (DipLCM)

Chelsie Austen (DipLCM)