Ky-Mani lands his first job

Ky-Mani was lucky enough to work with charity Family Action on their Family Monsters commercial. This project marks and celebrates their 150th Anniversary. This film is inspired by true stories from Family Action’s work.

Take a look at the commercial below.

Congratulations to Ky-mani!

Below is a little more information about the project

”The world loves telling the story of the perfect family who lived happily ever after, whilst making sure to put their pictures on Instagram or Facebook. But we don’t hear often enough about the monsters they had to overcome. Because the truth is, every family has them. Some hide in the corner, others are so big they overwhelm the entire family. And because not enough of us dare to talk about them, they grow… and grow… and grow. If we talk about our family monsters and get them out in the open, we can stop them becoming overwhelming. ”

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