A Proven Track Record

Our graduate destinations are outstanding, and with our incredible industry links, our graduates can be seen in featured roles on stage and screen across the globe.

A Showcase for All

All of our students are given the opportunity to perform in the showcase- there is no double or triple casting. Our students are all in the spotlight!

Join the Family

Our students are known by name, not number, right from their very first audition. Every student is important to us and all of our staff.

Fulfil Your Potential

We strongly believe that professional on-set and stage experience is a huge benefit to our students and gives them a competitive edge to their training. We will actively look for opportunities for our students whilst they train.

Accessible to All

Our fees are hugely competitive, and we believe in keeping them that way so that our students are not saddled with debt when they graduate. Adding to that, we welcome every student to audition for our generous scholarships and bursaries.

Term Dates

D&B usually operates with three lots of 10 week terms throughout the year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have altered our term dates for 2019-2020 and also 2020-2021 to ensure that we cover all of the practical tuition that we set out to achieve. There is more information about these plans below.

D&B College Term Dates are as follows:



Autumn Term: Monday 19th October- Monday 21st December (Half Term: Monday 16th November- 20th November)

Spring Term: Monday 11th January- Friday 2nd April (Half Term: Monday 15th February- Friday 20th February)

Summer Term: Monday 19th April- Friday 9th July (Half Term: Monday 31st May- Friday 4th June)



Autumn Term: Monday 13th September- Friday 3rd December (Half Term: Monday 25th October-Friday 5th November)

Spring Term: Monday 10th January- Friday 25th March (Half Term: Monday 14th February-Friday 18th February)

Summer Term: Monday 25th April- Friday 8th July (Half Term: Monday 30th May- Friday 3rd June)

What people say about D&B

“Justin just wanted to be a star. He is now thoroughly enjoying being on stage playing the lead in the international tour of Mamma Mia, following a UK tour of Dirty Dancing and playing Fiyero in Wicked in the West End.”

Patti Thomas-Verweij | Mother

“In our experience D&B management clients are committed, enthusiastic and magnificently talented”

Granada Television Limited

“Filming in Australia with the Jim Henson puppets was a dream come true!”

Macauley Keeper | Me and My Monsters

“My first term was nothing that I expected, but everything that I hoped it would be.”

Daniel Jarvis | 2nd Year College Student

“I've loved every second here, from the support and guidance to the intense training, contact and opportunities. I couldn't have wished for better training.”

Dan Walter | 2018 Graduate- Book of Mormon, Woman In White