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If you are interested in joining D&B management, please fill in the application form below and a member of our team will get back to you with audition details.


D&B Management are always looking for talented new clients aged 6-21 years old to join our acting agency and auditions are held regularly.

If you are interested in joining D&B Management please fill in the form above. If we feel that you meet our current criteria, then we will be in touch to arrange an audition.

Our Agency auditions are held twice a year.

Please note: you need to live within 1hr’s commute from central London.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I join D&B Management?

    We are always looking for new clients to join our agency and auditions are held regularly. If you are interested in joining D&B Management please refer to our how to apply page.

  • Do you accept all that apply?

    No. As one of the leading agencies in London, we are very selective with the clients that join the agency. We carefully select clients based on what casting directors are currently seeking and this changes all of the time.

    We are committed to equal opportunities for all clients, irrespective of race, colour, creed, ethnic and national origins.

  • How do I know you are a reputable agency?

    The length of time that an agency has been running is a good indication of their reliability. D&B Management has been established since 1993 and our reputation has been built on complete honesty and solid relationships have been established with various casting directors.

    The Agency works in close harmony with education authorities in the case of minors and will only become involved with work that will benefit clients.

    All of our clients appear in the Spotlight Children & Young Performers directory. This is a casting directory used by production teams to source clients for TV, film, stage or commercial work. Only pre-approved agencies can use this part of the site. Access to Spotlight's online database is only available to vetted industry professionals and all clients have individual pin numbers.

  • Do we have to pay any fees?

    An annual fee of £220.00 covers:

    • Photo session
    • 12 months on The Spotlight Link
    • Three agency workshops

  • Do you take a commission?

    Yes. All acting agencies take a commission from work booked. D&B Management take 20% for Commercials and 15% for all other work.

  • Can I be represented by more than one agency?

    No. D&B Management does not allow their clients to be represented by other acting agencies. This is part of our contractual agreement.

  • How often will I work and do you guarantee work?

    The amount of work that a client gets is reliant on many different things. It is important that parents understand that some clients work on a regular basis, some work occasionally and others may not work at all. We would never accept clients onto our books if we were not confident in putting them forward for suitable jobs/briefs. We would like you to be assured of our commitment to working hard in acquiring agency work for our clients.

  • How much do clients earn whilst working?

    Every job is different. As your agent, D&B Management negotiates rates and contracts on behalf of the client.

  • What is a casting process?

    D&B Management is regularly approached by leading casting directors - both directly and privately - for huge feature films, and nationally acclaimed TV dramas to ask about our talent. Like other acting agencies, D&B Management also receives briefs on a daily basis and suggests clients that are suitable via The Spotlight Link. Casting directors then select the clients that they want to see for an audition to ensure they are perfectly suited to the brief.

    Most of the time castings take place after school hours or at the weekends. Locations for auditions are always different but usually take place in central London. We are frequently contacted by casting directors who are looking for actors that choose to hold a casting session with our clients at our premises before the brief is made public.