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Experts in our Clients

We hold regular workshops so that we can see our clients and their development throughout the year. We are the first to know when they grow, develop new skills or even have braces fitted! That way, we can be sure that we are submitting the perfect client for every brief.

25 Years of Experience

D&B have been running long enough to have developed excellent contacts within the industry and are proud to be a member of the PMA

Extensive Quality Credits

D&B Management are reknowned for placing their clients in featured parts in high profile jobs whether in Feature Films, Television or on the West End

Professional Self Tape Services

D&B keep up to date with the latest technologies and equip our clients with facilities to create the perfect audition tape, giving them a professional edge over the competition.

Bespoke Audition Preparation

Whether that means coaching sessions with one of our singing or acting specialists, or perhaps coming in to learn the audition dances for the most in-demand musicals in the West End. D&B clients are always prepared


Why do we hold regular workshops?

Acting agency workshops are crucial to the relationship between D&B Management and our clients. Children are continuously changing and it is vital that we are aware of even the slightest changes in appearance, confidence and speech patterns of our clients. As parents will know only too well, children change so quickly and a child that suits a brief in January may have changed so much that they are no longer suitable for that same role in June. We take a keen interest and care about every child on our books and we feel that is proven by wanting to regularly meet with and develop the skills of our clients.

Benefits to our clients

Auditions can be daunting to even the most seasoned professionals. So for children to get regular opportunities to be presented to a panel and carry out audition scenarios is fantastic. It is also great to give practical advice to children as often, there is little or no feedback when at a real audition.

Workshops are varied, but in the past have included:

Casting process

To keep abreast of expectations within the casting process, we expose our clients to audition techniques and scenarios that they are likely to encounter – including the fundamentals of script reading, improvisations and general audition etiquette. We invite external speakers to the studios who are experts in the field of casting to give the children practical advice and pointers. Wherever possible, we will also invite casting directors who are currently looking for children to observe our workshops, and it is not uncommon for children to be cast from a workshop.

Vocal coaching

We also recognise the need for extra, specialist skills and therefore invite dialect coaches to provide training in specific accents. In particular, we work on standard American accents – a highly requested skill by casting agents. As demand for oscar winning British acting talent from across the Atlantic reaches fever pitch, our Brits need to authentically blend in with their American counterparts.

Specialist skills

Some of our clients wish to be represented for musical theatre, so we put them with a pianist and choreographer to critique their audition songs and performance in dance auditions. Similarly, we also run screen acting workshops with a leading director and cameraman for our clients to learn firsthand what it’s like to be on set and the language, directions and set roles they will encounter.

What people say about D&B

“Justin just wanted to be a star. He is now thoroughly enjoying being on stage playing the lead in the international tour of Mamma Mia, following a UK tour of Dirty Dancing and playing Fiyero in Wicked in the West End.”

Patti Thomas-Verweij | Mother

“In our experience D&B management clients are committed, enthusiastic and magnificently talented”

Granada Television Limited

“Filming in Australia with the Jim Henson puppets was a dream come true!”

Macauley Keeper | Me and My Monsters