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D&B management is one of the leading children and young adults acting agencies securing work in tv, film and theatre.

Our London-based Agency has an exemplary reputation - built over 25 years - for placing bright, talented, energetic young people from a wide-range of backgrounds in featured roles for TV, Film and Theatre productions. Our secret is knowing and nurturing our young performers’ strengths and capabilities and by building solid and lasting relationships with leading casting agents and directors.

What people say about D&B

“Justin just wanted to be a star. He is now thoroughly enjoying being on stage playing the lead in the international tour of Mamma Mia, following a UK tour of Dirty Dancing and playing Fiyero in Wicked in the West End.”

Patti Thomas-Verweij | Mother

“In our experience D&B management clients are committed, enthusiastic and magnificently talented”

Granada Television Limited

“Filming in Australia with the Jim Henson puppets was a dream come true!”

Macauley Keeper | Me and My Monsters

“My first term was nothing that I expected, but everything that I hoped it would be.”

Daniel Jarvis | 2nd Year College Student

“I've loved every second here, from the support and guidance to the intense training, contact and opportunities. I couldn't have wished for better training.”

Dan Walter | 2018 Graduate- Book of Mormon, Woman In White